Integrity at its best…! A talk from Intergrity & EI – ETA

A very worthwhile and very timely session for myself and for our fractured world. Connecting with others during the session through vulnerable, shared, human needs was so valuable. I liked constantly mixing up participants so we could interact with everyone. Our facilitators guided me all the way through by asking questions, standing with me when I was in pain, and maybe most important, holding space so I felt safe to dive into my pain. From this deepening experience, there was space to create a new belief!

Thank you @Urvashi mam @Abheek sir for this.

I found the session inspiring, interesting and so helpful to understand myself and my communication better. I have more clarity in understanding my feelings (and) needs and observing my judgments, stories, and assumptions. I found it very valuable to deeply understand my needs (before) choosing actions that I can take.

“Thank you, especially for the opportunity to learn new skills in a safe, friendly, peaceful space.

To our facilitators – you were kind, caring facilitators, friendly and approachable.

Reflection: Intergrity Eta

I really liked the connection of integrity with fear. It makes one think about why we are not consistently demonstrating integrity in different scenarios. Of course, we are humans, and the gray area always persists, making us question our choice of action. But this session helped us identify what triggers/stops us from acting in a certain way which has to be in congruence with our words/thoughts. The examples shared by the facilitators also helped one be open about their experiences whether good or bad to share with the audience. Looking forward to what the pain session holds in store for us.

Malvika Gandhi.

Integrity is telling myself the truth

The life class on the topic of integrity was an eye-opener. Although all know the meaning of integrity, this session helped me dig the deeper meaning of integrity. The activities we did were beneficial which helped me to understand that fear is what prevents us at times from maintaining integrity. The three levels of fear helped me introspect within myself and categorize the levels of my fear. Moreover, it also made me realize that some of the worries I had were fears of everyone else too which helped me to understand that all people have fears and it’s okay to have some fear until you are able to handle them. The session was really fruitful and the topic was catered to beautifully with the help of some videos, activities, and a lot of discussions.

LC on Integrity and EI – kappa

Life classes are always a breather amidst the regular busy schedule at FS. Coming to school without even a thought of what will be my agenda today and are there any tasks pending is always welcome.

These two days had been fruitful. We revisited the traits and benefits of being non-judgemental, accepting the fears, focussing on action, parting with illegitimate pains, and turning legitimate pains into power. All the while being pivoted to the concepts of Integrity.

The movie, “My sister’s keeper”, was a very appropriate selection. It was a heavy movie in terms of human emotions and human nature.  We shared our reflections making connections from our personal lives.

Thanks to FS for this opportunity!

Pain to Power

I enjoyed the sessions planned for both the days. Especially, the movie ‘My Sister’s Keeper’. It served as a cherry on the cake. How your pain can be transformed to power and how can one control their underlying fears through necessary actions were the most important lessons I learnt in these two days. It changed the definition of FEAR for me from ‘Forget Everything And Run’ to ‘Face Everything And Rise’.


The Journey from Fear & Pain to Power with Integrity

We all live life but differently, but the term integrity comes at every stages of our lives to be implemented at different situations. Doing this life class of integrity helped me realize the fact that how we sometimes unintentionally don’t follow the true path, sometimes the realization is so late that we regret it and at times we don’t. But integrity is what everyone should inculcate in themselves as sooner or later it will always come back to you in a good way but all other paths will lead to disaster. A lot of wonderful videos we saw in the life class which taught us about being non judgmental in life.

Talking about the fear and pain and converting it into power was very well explained in the life class and topping it up with a very beautiful movie “My Sister’s Keeper” is when we could so aptly relate to these factors. We all have fears and pain in us and we have gone through all types of fear and pain at some point of time, knowing the types in the life class we learned deeply about it and also we could categorize it. It is only after you know which category you come into is when you are able to have a solution to your fear and convert it into power.

The overall session was definitely very informative and knowing things within you in a deeper way gives you the power to turn the negatives into positives.

From Pain to Power!

While it is easy for us to think that pain is all there is in life, there comes a time where one must take decide and take an action. An action that would change this pain into Power. Through the current life class sessions which were highly interactive, I received an opportunity to understand this message which is important. Over and above, the movie we watched helped me understand that in a way pain is inevitable (loss of a dear one, ones own life, etc…)But the power is with us, to take our time to grieve or deal with the pain and then move ahead in life.



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