Unleash your potential to think critically!

Thinking Critically?? Yes, I can, you can, we all can. This skill is just there, we just have to practice!
On day 1 of the critical thinking workshop we uncovered the superpowers of analysis: the 5 ‘W’s and 1 ‘H’! As Bhargavi madam and Bhumit Sir guided us on this thrilling journey, we were poised to soar through intellectual horizons.
We watched thought provoking short animated video that made our brains buzz with new perspectives! It was an exhilarating challenge, unleashing the metacognitive and dialectical thinkers within us. Together, we questioned, debated, and grew!
Diving further, we were posed with various topics. Our thoughts were unleashed, assumptions challenged, and our critical thinking muscles grew stronger!
Skepticism, gullibility and pseudoscience were new concepts for me. Of all the discussions, system thinking was my take away from this session which made me analyse on my thinking. Looking forward to think more and listen more!

Critical Thinking

Question. Important to question something, someone, our beliefs, values, and existence. To know and decide what’s right, wrong or be neutral about it.

Knowing our thinking system is a way to to know about ourselves and the way we operate. It’s thinking about our own thinking.

Let’s keep exploring ourselves!!

Critical thinking Kappa

This was the first two days of life class year 2023-24. I truly enjoyed the session conducted by Aman sir and Tabassum ma’am, they were very interactive during the session, using simple language and giving real life examples so that it was easy to understand the content they are delivering. 1st day was all about ice breaking and understanding the critical thinking why it’s required? When to use it? How it works (system 1 and system 2). Day two we went to see movie “Oppenheimer” it was worth watching and Cristopher Nolan has always set standards high. It was about the life journey of the father of atom bomb. We discussed the movie in group and it was worth it.


Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking questioning, analyzing, interpreting and evaluating a situtaion/ idea to make reasonablt judgements. Using critical thinking, in other words, allows individuals to engage with ideas, consider different perspectives, and arrive at reasonable conclusions. Everyone in their life will require critical thinking mostly when higher stakes are involved.

Exploring System 1 and System 2 thinking and how our reflexion and reflective brain works helped me understand that System 1 is fast, intuitive and emotional, while System 2 is slower, more deliberative and logical.

Critical Thinking_Kappa group

Critical thinking skills refer to the ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information in a thoughtful, systematic, and logical manner. It involves actively and objectively processing information, questioning assumptions, and considering various perspectives before arriving at a well-reasoned conclusion or decision.
Thinking System 1 and System 2 really help us to understand engage in self-awareness, reflecting on their own biases, assumptions, and limitations. This self-awareness helps us improve their thinking process and make better decisions.
Thank you.

Critical Thinking – kappa

Day 1

we started with an activity which had to introduce ourselves with com creativity and that was the time we started applying critical thinking and then flowed by group activities where “what is critical thinking?” With some quality interaction and sharing by the group.
we also learned about system 1 and system 2 of thinking process with some brain teasers as well.


day 2

We watched a movie “opeanhimer” where the whole movie was about atom bomb but many other conspiracy which needed to think and discuss on the different perspective of the participants.

Critical Thinking Kappa

For critical thinking classes I used to think It will be very heavy, boring and tough but after attending 2 sesseion of it I realised It is really interesting and It helped me to understand the different types of biases and also introduced to me the concept of system 1 and system 2 thinking.

Discussion after watching the videos and different small memory games was very entertaining. The discussion based on politics and astrology/ vastushastra was also very productive and healthy.

The movie Oppenheimer was first very heavy but at last It was entertaining and  helped to think critically in terms of ethical values and the need of the hour. The class compelled me to think again about some of my existing thoughts.

Thank you.

Critical thinking

I learned how to think critically and analyse a situation, problem before taking any decision. I understood about system 1 and system 2 of thinking and will implement the learning in my day to day life. After watching Oppenheimer, I brainstormed about scientific inventions and ethical practices.

2nd Day Critical Thinking Kappa Group

The first session was understanding about what is critical thinking throgh examples and non examples where we also learned about system 1 and system 2 thinking. Non example of critical thinking are quick reactions, emotional thinking, and thinking about low stake matters.

In the second session we put our learning in action by identifying thinking system used by the main character and critically thinking about the main character on moral grounds as well as professional ground. My reflection after movie it was a great confirmation bias material for me to be consistent about my personal opinion about America.

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