My Journey of Arts!!

Exploring different forms of art and learning something new in each session, is something which I will always cherish. This workshop has brought me much closer to Arts as a whole, and I discovered a hidden artist in me. I usually liked Painting and Dancing, when it comes to arts. However, lately, I realized that Cooking was always an underlying passion. It was funnnnn exploring these different art forms. It made me connect well with my inner self and I was amused as it helped me work on the spiritual well-being in my life.

Thank you Arts and Skills Team, it was a frisky experience for me!! Looking forward to much more interesting sessions next year!! 🙂

One comment

  • It was a wonderful journey. I got to know about my hidden qualities and have learned a lot about arts. Apart of learning we also had a gala time making new friends and bonding with people from different departments. I would love to continue with this once again, as I have missed out many of the sessions this year. I would like to thank Neha Bhatia and Mary ma`am for making this class a creative, engaging and a memorable one.

    Thank you,
    Poonam Sharma Yerunkar.

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