Change the change…and see the change..

The 7 habits book, through life classes has striven to illuminate on the ways to develop, grow and nurture emotional and social attitude towards fathoming accordance, to carry on flexible and worthy relations with people and profession in this juggernaut society!!

It also focuses on the fact that we are often inconsiderate towards the perception of the people surrounding us and only focus on ours which makes us rigid as well as uncompassionate. Only and only if our perception towards the world changes, can we change ourselves for better, thereby attaining a higher level of intellectual insight and perception towards the intricacies of life, people and relation…

On the other hand people resort to trivial and hollow means which seems easier to achieve success which is always and obviously short lived .This leads to an undesired and catastrophic results which are short termed, not meeting the required purpose.

A concrete and ethically substantial way to shift paradigms and alter and mould our attitude and behavior is the need of  the hour. The 7 habits beauty lies in its prophetic endeavour to deliver the pillars of improvement in us, by following one habit, leading to follow all others behind.

The flame of change we wish to see in others, first has to light and burn inside us to shed the darkness of unrealistic abominations and inhibitions and to create the glow of mature inquisitiveness towards the novel concepts and bridges as prophesized in this book of magnanimous and mammoth heritance.


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