Being a teacher, its very easy for me to conduct classes, but to facilitate 32 adults was a very different experience. All of them were acquaintances to each other, but as we started sharing, the journey seemed to flow well. It had become like a family. I believe that “Nature gives you only that task, for which you are competent”. So having faith in this, I started my journey and took charge. It gave me a new perspective in life. Gradually, as the reflection of every habit was being shared, I realized that I can make a difference in somebody’s life and this made me feel more motivated and more dedicated towards the task given to me. I am not an avid reader, but honestly, as this opportunity came my way; it made me cultivate a habit of reading. This is the best thing that happened to me because as wise people say “A book is man’s best friend”. This simple sentence has a lot of depth to it. It conveys that if one cultivates reading in her/his life, he/she will never be lonely.Therefore, I realize that by being a facilitator I have already made a big investment for my life.

I would like to sum up, by saying that, “All the 7 habits are like swords that can be used in different battles of life.” Everyone has ups and downs in their life. But the skill is, when and how to use these swords of 7 habits effectively.

I acknowledge and appreciate the participants of life class beta for their cooperation and for indirectly contributing to my growth.


Nisha Jain

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