Few experiences, glimpses and learnings at 7 Habits Life Class sessions

Before attending 7 Habits Life Class I was in the dilemma :Is it something about saving our life or is it something related to meditation …also tried asking few teachers and got the answer “Go with the flow, you will get it !!”

I am thankful to Steven Covey and FS facilitators as they gave us the instances where we could actually understand :

  • How to lead our life!
  • Understanding and respecting others perspective.
  • Prioritizing the responsibilities.
  • Sparing time for myself is equally important.
  • At times, it happens that you are in circle of influence and need to stop worrying. Try to change those aspects which are falling in the circle of concerns and come out as winner !
  • Two heads are better than one: It has its own pros and cons.
  • Art of listening.
  • Clarifying expectations
  • Private victory & public victory
  • Win -win, Win-lose, Lose-win
  • Adding into the emotional Bank a/c……and what not the list goes on……
  • The last two sessions were the best ones: Loved the activities to the core.

I was already aware of these 7 habits but it was the partial understanding. After these sessions it has helped me understand as to where, when and how this knowledge is to be applied. Few examples which Steven covey had written in his book were excellent anecdotes.

I would like to thank the facilitators Chesta ma’am and Juhi ma’am as they kept the sessions lively and all the participants engrossed. We all have a special bond between us now and we always feel connected. Our batch always felt it was the best time as we loved meeting each other. We all had good sense of humor and respect for each other which made the 7 habits session (Life class) successful.

Soni Gowda Kapadia

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