Critical Thinking-Eta Day 7 and 8

Over the past two days in our Critical Thinking Life class, we delved into the intricate realms of science and pseudoscience, unraveling the nuances between the two. Through rigorous examination and analysis, we learned to employ critical thinking as our guiding compass to discern between empirical evidence and unfounded claims, enabling us to make informed decisions. However, amidst this journey, we confronted the formidable barriers of knowledge, ranging from cognitive biases to societal conditioning, hindering our ability to think critically. By acknowledging these barriers, we embarked on a journey of self-awareness, striving to overcome them and sharpen our critical thinking skills. Furthermore, we navigated through the treacherous potholes of knowledge, understanding the importance of remaining vigilant and conscious of the information we encounter. Through introspection and reflection, we embraced the responsibility to question, challenge, and validate the knowledge presented to us, fostering a culture of intellectual integrity and discernment in our pursuit of truth.

All in all, this lifeclass helped me become a more informed individual.

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