Art and skill-Self-Esteem and Self-Expression Art and skill

I was always passionate about the artworks but through this art and skill classes.I could develop my skills.I enjoyed and learnt lippin art,thread bag,glue gun painting,cloth painting,mandala art.

As I look back on the workshop, I am grateful for the lessons learned and the memories created. It was a time of growth, exploration, and inspiration. Moving forward, I carry with me a newfound sense of confidence in my creative abilities and a deeper understanding of the importance of embracing creativity in all aspects of life.

The class is a melting pot of artistic expression, offering a diverse range of activities that spanned from crafting terracotta pots to mastering intricate Gond art. Each session promised a new adventure, a chance to explore different techniques and the guidance of Priyanka and Neha.

Overall, my experience in the art and skill life class was nothing short of transformative. It not only honed my technical skills but also enriched my soul, igniting a passion for creativity that continues to burn bright. As I reflect on the journey, I am grateful to Neha and Priyanka who helped and guided me to explore the boundless realms of art and deepen my understanding of its profound impact on me.

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