Enhancing Critical Thinking skills

The 3rd & 4th Life classes were very informative and had a lot of new topics which I discovered of.

I find group activities during life class sessions more enjoyable, but I also appreciate our facilitators who always tells us to keep our own perspectives first and then mutually come to a common decision. When involved in group activities there are a lot of new points which gives me a new perspective that I would have never thought of, due to which my brain engages in a bit more exercise to explore alternative and creative perspectives.

My takeaways from these recent life classes is that I learnt some disciples about human being where the points I liked were:

  1. Human is a sophisticated mechanism on the planet.
  2. All desires evolve with time and age.
  3. What we accumulate from our surroundings is ours and not of others.
  4. Faith is a blind power which paralyzes our brain.
  5. When you fully accept your lack of knowledge for anything, that’s when you’ll truly begin to inquire and seek understanding.
  6. Everything which comes to our mind is from our 5 senses.
  7. There is a very vast difference in the words “belief” & “faith”

A very nice activity which had different types of biases and its meaning where we could ourselves identify where and how we apply those biases and how we can overcome certain biases with something positive.

The movie “The Man from Earth” which was shown to us was quite interesting and it portrayed how different people react differently on the same situation, which makes us think that how we are grown and what all intakes we accumulate while growing is how we react at any situation.

At the end CT is helpful in life but it doesn’t come in just few days, it takes time and positive initiatives by our own self to come to that level of thinking.

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