Beta-7 Habits

It was an enriching experience of attending session 3 & 4 of life class. I learned how to covert any situation in Win-Win situation. It was a “learn with fun” kind of a session in which we learned by doing different activities. We , the team members shared our thoughts as well as problems and got the multiple fruitful solutions. We also had a fantastic talk on importance on listening. We had an intellectual interaction with Mr. Parag sir during the session. We showed our efforts as a single team and won few ground activities to learn synergize. The soul of the session was the trust and faith among all team member which made us to go deep down and shared incidents of our life. The success of the session goes to our kind and generous facilitators, Sufyan sir and Jyoti Ma’am for their tireless efforts. Sincere thanks to Sufyan sir, Jyoti Ma’am and all the Beta members.

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