All that glitters is not gold!

I look forward to life classes as in this journey of learning through sharing, I’ve uncovered a world of intellectual excitement. I got to dig into the cognitive biases, challenge my entrenched beliefs, and learn invaluable strategies for everyday life.

Day 3 and 4 shone a light on cognitive biases, those subtle traps in thinking that influence my decisions without me even realizing it. This newfound knowledge is equipping me to make more informed choices and see the world through a clearer lens.

From “murdering our darlings” to applying the ‘consider all factors’ (CAF) framework, I got an understanding of a few practical tools to challenge thinking, embrace diverse perspectives, and analyze arguments systematically. The inclusion of videos and movies in the sessions adds a captivating dimension, allowing me to witness how people assume and presume in real-life scenarios.

In conclusion, Critical Thinking Life Classes have ignited my passion for analytical thinking and equipped me with valuable skills to navigate life’s complexities. Whether you’re looking to enhance your decision-making or broaden your worldview, these classes are an intellectual adventure worth embarking on. Not only the format but the facilitators’ experience and the sharing of participants are indeed cherry on top.

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