Life Class – 7 Habits + Love – Gamma

The Life class was held by Sir Ravindra Agrawal and Vaishali Patel Ma’am


It was my first life class which was an amazing experience it explained us about the vision of seeing things differently and in a broader horizon. Sir explained about the paradigm shifts that how we usually judge something in a different aspect where as the reality is something far more different. They also explained us how reactive we become, and that happens most of the time with me in personal life so how we should be proactive in our behaviour so that we don’t harm others sentiments so basically undoubtedly we don’t realize ourselves how we reacted. Sir and Ma’am gave us lot of real life examples which made our mind absorb different learnings from different people with different opinions. Learned alot in these classes and would like to improvise a few learnings and with a positive impact on myself.

Looking forward for more of these life classes and last but not the least the icing on the cake was Sir’s guitar and singing for energizers which we all cherished.

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