Experience of life class

I have heard a lot about the life class, and it was truly an enriching experience. I am immensely grateful to Utsav Sir and Wilmot Sir for providing us with such a precious opportunity.
Over the past two days, I had the incredible chance to immerse myself in a life class centered around the renowned “Seven Habits.” Guided by these principles, I underwent a profound transformation that I couldn’t have anticipated. The first habit, “Be Proactive,” set the stage for the entire experience. I realized that I held more power over my life than I had previously acknowledged.”Begin with the end in mind” served as my compass, reminding me to set clear intentions for each day and long-term aspirations for my life. This clarity brought a newfound sense of purpose and motivation. Moreover, “Put first things first” helped me prioritize tasks that aligned with my goals, reducing distractions and allowing me to focus on what truly mattered.
Key moments for me during the life class on days 1-2 include Utsav Sir’s compelling drama about father, Wilmot Sir’s captivating story-sharing, and the unexpected emergency singing session.
The life class provided an environment where we could learn and grow, surrounded by supportive mentors and engaging activities. It was a journey of self-discovery and personal development that I will cherish forever. These invaluable lessons and experiences will undoubtedly influence the way I approach life and make decisions in the future

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