Emotional Intelligence

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Beauty of keeping others emotions in center and not just yours. Following these 5 emotional competencies of self regulation is kind of helpful:

Self control, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, adaptability, innovation.


Never knew….

“Worry is a bully. It depends on how much we feed. The more we feed the bigger it gets…”

Loved this..

How to deal with anger in one of the Sadguru’s video.


Definitely trying..

Meng’s Magic Mushroom Mantra: [to be repeated silently for yourself when encountering a difficult person]

>Love them

>Understand them

> Forgive them

>Grow with them

Wanna try..

And lastly if you are angry count till 10 and if you are really really angry count till 100.


Count your blessings with gratitude!!✨️



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