Critical Thinking – Think beyond our imagination

We have been believing in God since childhood because our parents have been following us in the same way. Never felt the need to quantify or question the existence of God, but critical thinking has inspired us to think ‘Is God really there or not?’ Religion or our religious beliefs always prevent us from doing wrong things, yet there are riots or fighting somewhere in the world, so we should think that we should follow such ideas so that we are not harming others.
Our guest Vardan sir gave us a new direction of believing the right things by answering our questions patiently, I learned from him that it is ok if we do not follow any religion but it is wrong to blindly follow any religion without knowing it. He also said that sometimes we get confused while taking decisions in life, and then we can take decisions according to what is right in that situation. Apart from the Guest session, I liked to read Sir’s blog which is in detail of description about GOD & atheists.  This session played a very important role in changing my beliefs.

We are grateful to our facilitator for this beautiful experience. and journey of Critical thinking which I can surely apply in my personal life & professional life as well.

With Gratitude,

Kunjan Gandhi


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