Emotional Intelligence: A key to inner self

Shivali Ladhani’s reflection
Emotional intelligence involves the ability to recognise and regulate one’s emotions. This means being able to manage one’s emotions effectively, rather than being controlled by them. This ability will help be more optimistic and manifest for a better future.
Visit to the orphanage was indeed a very memorable experience. I was amazed to see the kids so positive there inspite of being in the orphanage. This helped me realise how lucky I’m and should stop cribbing about little things. What struck me most was while leaving, a kid first whispered, “mat jao” and then in person twice or thrice he came told, “mat jao” I wish I could stay there a little more and make them enjoy.
A big THANK YOU to Nandini ma’am and Evelyn ma’am for giving this opportunity and helping us be emotionally intelligent.
It will take persistence and commitment to master the skill

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