God may not be existing but my belief exists.

My learning From CT is giving time to system 2 and analyzing it to taking a decision. We, humans, have confirmation biases so I will be mindful of biases and try my best for fairness.

Not blindly believe in hard news, so I will search and know more about reality.

About God – God for me is, inner peace and strength. I believe in god and I think this belief can not be changed by me as I see god as a positive energy it’s given me strength and belief in myself. however, I am not believing blindly in any religious organization. I do believe in the existence of some power or a spirit above us. However, I do questions before following religious rituals, if not get the answer, then I do search and get the answer but I found for many rituals do not have a proper answer so I do not believe in that particular ritual or I just follow the ritual because of the happiness of family members but do not promote it and also the ritual doesn’t harm anyone Sometimes I follow rituals for my happiness not for any other reason. For me, God is the power that relieves my stress and who guides me it’s inside me only. Overall, whether god exists or not, for me god is my goodness and strength. I respect each and every person who follows any religion or does not follow any religion. I will not force anyone to follow any religion, as every individual can make a choice about what to follow and what not. Overall humanity is Univers religion.

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