My food exploration journey so far…

Food may be essential as fuel for the body but Good Food is fuel for the soul……

By Malcom Forbes


-Food as Nirvana

This Life Class is Nirvana for me where I experienced a state of perfect peace, harmony, the joy of togetherness, and happiness in the world of food along with passionate food explorers. 


-Food and Experiences

I have never seen or heard about the food in 7 dimensions and I experienced it in this life class through immersion of all the senses and realizing its close connection with so many aspects of life


-Food and Memories

On the first day itself, I connected myself with it. It was a quiz where we were shown some pictures and asked to identify the desi vegetables/fruits.  I was really surprised during that activity that I knew those fruits and veggies and could vividly share fond memories of them from my childhood.



– Food and Cooking!

I can cook enough to survive but inspired by the monsoon mood when we decided to cook momos I undertook the challenge of making Thukpa (my first ever) and I surprised myself when everyone relished it bowl after bowl and asked for the recipe!

– Food and Culture

The ONAM SADYA experience was one of its kind where I cherished the cooking of an elaborate 18-course menu and relished it traditionally on a kela Patta wearing a beautiful golden border saree and gajra along with some very beautiful souls. What an amazing way to experience and immerse in a culture and celebrate togetherness!



-Food and Heritage

When roaming the streets of Rander I realized the rich heritage of Surat which I have never ever seen or heard of. Not only I felt privileged to visit these charming heritage sites and hear their stories but it also doubled my appetite and joy of eating a delicious bowl of Randeri Khawsa 



-Food and Travel

Food as a traveler???? Ya each food has a story about its origin- history and its evolution. How it traveled around the world and how it got modified and adapted and how finally it comes to our plate. Amazingly interesting and shocking as well! Pizza is one such example that we explored.


-Food and Togetherness

When we all work together I never find any errors, blunders, or any mess even when we face challenges or limitations. Only a deep sense of connection with each other and a sense of effortlessness. Be it the Onam Sadya where we had a gigantic task of cooking an 18-course menu for more than 50 people with barely any exposure to Kerala food or when we had to flip the pizza in the air at Dome!


-Food and giving-receiving Joy

I experienced the joy of giving or I must say the joy of receiving during Onam Sadya and lunch at Dome with Jumbish kids. I felt so satisfied when I saw a smile on their faces. It wasn’t giving but receiving deep satisfaction that swelled up my heart.


Last but not least Food and Gratitude:-

Thank you so much @fontainheadschool to give such a wonderful life class

I am forever grateful to this opportunity suggested by you @shalininandkumar

and Shahnaz ma’am for unforgettable moments, and for the best experiences, we had together.


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  • Priti we are so lucky to have you…Your energy and enthusiasm, such interesting sharings and passion for food is so amazing! It just adds such a positive vibe to our circle

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