Me and my ramblings – an inward journey (7D food exploration)

What is a person who is not a cook by choice doing in a food workshop? Well, learning to like the 7-dimensional experience associated with food, that’s what!

What enticed me to the workshop possibility was the wonderful collage of videos and associated big ideas that came my way as this year’s life class possibility. I filled it up just because it was something different. Something that seemed hands-on. And the workshop has not disappointed. If anything it has helped me learn a lot about myself as a person.

Here are four things I have understood about myself through the 6 days journey:
1. I have a cooking preference – being an introvert by nature, I like my kitchen space to myself. I don’t like people hovering and I am a stickler for authenticity in names (“Dhosa” vs “Thosai” #IYKYK)

2. I need to learn to let go of my perceptions – when I sat down to relish the Onam Sadya meal myself I was surprised at how authentic it tasted despite being cooked by people who knew little to nothing about the dish. I learnt that letting people enjoy a challenge is not bad after all! I assumed that people with varied backgrounds will find it difficult to learn how to cook a typical dish – but the Onam Sadhi dismantled that perception, and how!

3. It is not bad to watch a youtube video and learn how to cook a dish – when I did that with the momo-making exercise, I was pleasantly surprised that I could do something that I had been making fun of for so long. I now watch these Instagram reels on making food (watch, not make, so don’t consider yourself invited!)

4. In giving we receive – the visit to Dome Pizzeria was one of the most beautiful learning experiences about being a kind/non-judgemental teacher (Thanks, Shrey). It also underscored for me the assumption that children who are ‘underprivileged’ need us to ‘help’ them. What we did there was not charity. It was something we did to make ourselves feel good (compounded by the fact that the Pizza and Iced-tea we served them is not the kind they enjoy).

Thankful for the experience! But if at the end of it, you ask me ‘why the name 7D?’ I’ll say, just because Shahnaz is extremely creative!

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