How to achieve the best person in you, via awareness of cognitive biases

The Critical Thinking session on days 3 and 4
After a long and interesting discussion about different Biases, I conclude with an understanding, that humans can’t live without Biases. Biases will always appear in every action in the face of memory, Social, Learning, Belief, Mony, and politics. but when you ask yourself that
Why I have taken this action?
Why I am thinking like this? or
Why the other one is thinking like this?
What is my perspective or the other one’s perspective?
It helps to find the answer to what is right and what is wrong. and
We didn’t caught in our assumptions, conclusions, and beliefs without having proper knowledge which may lead us to wrong decisions.
As we see in Mahabharat and Ramayan the great role models with great tolerance and a great influencer.
The one who live with rules and values The one who set new rules and values
Beautiful examples of critical thinkers and in Hinduism,
It is called योगस्थ बुद्धि who is a very balanced thinker and who can take decisions with the end in their mind and didn’t judge anyone with Biases.
50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World

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