Emotional intelligence

We all have some or other emotions at every moment and so our actions are accordingly. I can control my emotions and think before showing any emotions but was not aware the terms such as Self-awareness and Self -regulations. In this life class I have learnt many new terms and strategies to live a happy life. 


We are living in VUCA world.(volatility, uncertainty, complexity and Ambiguity) where we face unexpected challenges. So we have to prepare for it and for this EI is necessary. Therefore in the coming years, EI is an essential skill that all should have to learn. 

If we are emotionally intelligent we can face challenges, can think critically and so we become more confident.


There are six universal emotions Happy, sad, Disgust,  fear, surprise and angry in which all have same facial expressions. 

We should understand our emotions as well as of others to. 

There are five domains of Emotional intelligence which are categorized between intrapersonal and interpersonal.,  4. Empathy  5. Social Skills


  1. Self-awareness- We should be self-aware of our emotions so that we should know what we are doing or why we are doing it. To be more Self-aware we should follow Mindfulness (meditaion, walking and listening)
  2. Self-regulation – We should not flow through our emotions. We should be enough mindful and strong enough to regulate our emotions. Mindful listening, Meditation, and mindful walking will help us to regulate our emotions.

  Our worries should be healthy so that we should plan beforehand to tackle them,.

3.Self Motivations- In which we learned about three types of Happiness- 

Pleasure, Passion and purpose.

In Vardan sir’s session, we got more insights about Pleasure, passions and Purpose. It is difficult to differentiate between pleasure and passion. We get pleasure from small things we do or get but for passion, we need to take out the time and put effort into it.

Sometimes our Passion doesn’t incline with our purpose. So it is good if we make small small goals and then achieve our big purpose of life.

We are the only ones who can make us happy.

IKIGAI – Four Quadrants activity helped to identify our passion, liking, love and Purpose of our life. 

As we are working in the organization so it is essential to create a positive environment and be mindful there so all should understand each other, improve their performance, increase their well-being and live a happy life at the workplace as well as personally. 

This way the four days of life class were very fruitful for me.


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