Life Classes – a different experience

While I was already aware of seven habits and was given an opportunity to read about them extensively, as a Psychologist I was excited to explore the concept of personal development in a professional organisation.  While professional development may be emphasised in certain organisations there are rarely any organisations that also focus on personal development.  This was an opportunity for holistic development. The main idea that I liked in this session was the importance of active listening. In this rapidly changing world, individuals rarely find the time to actually listen to a person.  As discussed during the session many of us jump to give suggestions and prefer not to listen to others at times.  However, through these awareness everyone realised this pattern and were able to work on this skill efficiently.

Paradigm shift was another concept that was covered quite well and gave an opportunity to understand behaviour of others around us.  Overall, these sessions create an environment of sharing which makes us realise that there are so many around us who are experiencing similar issues.  It provides an opportunity to look at problems from different perspective and gives a deeper understanding of our own mental process and how we as individuals can act as a barrier to our own problems.

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