I’ll handle it…!!

Greetings Fountaineers,

Welcome to this wonderful new academic year 2016 – 2017 (I sincerely hope…??) No really, I think this year we are all going to kick some serious butt….as in, totally dominate in all aspects of education, in the ambit sense of the word…! Mr. “K” and Co have laid out the objectives and we are expected to deliver regardless of the situation ( I love this sort of competitiveness..!!)

There are so many changes and developments in and around the facility, it’s mind boggling. I can’t wait till the lads get back to school!

Anyways, myself and the rest of the third year veterans including a few older ones find ourselves in “INTEGRITY” class…with the “ZSM” and Chinki Ma”am. ..!! We are a mixed batch of about 28 participants (23 females and 5 males..!!!) Personally, ┬áthe class has started off a bit lukewarm and I feel a bit apprehensive of its content and of course it’s desired effect, as compared to the other two classes before this one..!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am honored to be part of this beautiful group, but I still feel it’s objective is not clear. I also went one step ahead and interrogated a few of the last year’s participants and they seem a bit jaded too…??

Regardless, I’m in it for the long run and gained a confidence booster in the last minutes of the second session yesterday. I am not at liberty to discuss it’s content at this moment, as we have taken an oath to keep it “in house” if you like..!

Come what may this year…” I’LL HANDLE IT…!!! “

Sincerely with integrity… ( couldn’t resist..!)

Kalpesh “Sir” ( I hate this way of being addressed, it’s so colonial un-British..!!)


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  • kalpesh1.patel@fountainheadschools.org

    It was a wonderful year, thank you my beloved FS! I have benefitted a great deal and have put things in perspective since this post was presented almost a year ago!

    Word to the wise, experience these life classes with an extremely open realistic mind….speak your thoughts, don’t be judgmental to your fellow batch mates as you are all in the same boat. But do question the motives and challenges of the content, it will bring you to a conclusion that will discover your humane qualities..this is where all the fun is, when you are alert to something you are not normally used to doing….!!



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