Wow! Where do I start..? I would like to begin with a hearty “THANK YOU” to my beloved FS for probably saving marriage from gradual destruction..!! I can honestly say that I experienced 90% of what we had discussed throughout the duration of this “LOVE CLASS”….!

My personality and attitude towards marriage, fatherhood and being a good husband has evolved…i hope i am a better man to say the least..!! In fact, I am feeling guilt of not writing the whole truth here, but will still con tribute a fewbits and pices of this life changing experience….!
First off, the 2015 – 2016 academic year started well with my PE / PS TEAM-MATES….We got off to a flying start with school games and PE sctivities…! And then all of a sudden….. “LOVE CLASS” happened…We thought “love”, “sex” and “making love” and “woman explained” will be the topics of the day…But boy, were we dissapointed…? Instead we were handed a first class experience of what mutual love and understanding is all about, forgiveness and learning to be true to your partner and most of all, we got to experience it, rather then learn it, we’ll I did anyway….!!

I see my darling wife differently now, in a more positive light( She always was this way, but it just took me a few years to figure it out, but better later then never) In fact, she has also admitted that I have changed and become a better lover, husband and father, not in this order, but you know what I mean…! Hearing these sweet words from her has boosted my confidence as a man. I am more efficient in my work, even though others will say otherwise, I am learning fatherhood always, I am more in touch with my wife’s feelings and moods then before and it has given us a new lease of life, if you like…i don’t think anything was wrong, but I feel it was not right, until LOVE CLASS came into our lives…so much has been the impact of this class in my life….also I would like to take this opportunity to highlight my participation in these sort of rehabilitative classes. Ask the others and they will vouch for me as I was an avid contributor to most of the topics discussed, the setting provided me an opportunity to express my inner feelings towards life in general and this is where the greatest impact was for me….we all realized that our situations are very different and we all have stages of life that we go through at various periods in our existence on God’s grear creation…!!! I am enquiring always….and want to be a better husband, father and coach to the best of my abilities. This class has benefitted my family greatly…THANK YOU MY dearest FS…!

Kalpesh Patel

P.S I still have a few things to share, but do not have the courage or confidence to pen them at this moment, as they are intimate and mesmerizing, but I do know I am stronger for it and still learning daily of what the great force of LOVE is. …!






  • Very brave of you to discuss this at a forum like this Mr Patel. One way or another, things work out for the best. Great to know it worked out in favour of your marriage!

  • Kalpesh1.patel

    Thank you….!! What makes ONE brave is LOVE and support of another…And my artillery is filled with the “amor” armour of LOVE…GET IT..!! ( as you ALL can tell…!!)

    Also….Have you realized what a hectic job like being a so called “teacher” does to marriages..?? I mean don’t get me wrong, being a plumber or a lawyer or even maybe a security guard does the same thing (on a more less intense level, i guess maybe…???)

    But when you have these rehabilitative classes like the ones we have here at our great FS…..they become valuable lifesavers, if appproached sincerely and wholeheartedly, this is the whole point of it all and not TIME PASSING….!!( New joiners take note. .!!!)

    And thanks for the support…! Wishing you the very best of “things working out for the best too….!!!”

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