Life long learners

Today when I sit back and watch the 7 Habits participants sharing their experiences enthusiastically, I thank Parag Sir, Vardan Sir and Ankita ma`am for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to sharpen the saw.


While facilitating 7 Habits, there were many Aha moments and many learnings during preparation for the class or sharing within the class. All the participants have become like a family and I can see that spark in their eyes of gaining something. When I remember how they were on their first day of life class as compared what they are today, I can clearly see the difference in them. Their reflections confirm the change that they feel have undergone after attending these sessions.


During these two days, they watched two movies “Remember the titans” and Freedom Writers.” It was an amazing experience to see them reflecting on the movie in such a wholehearted and detailed manner. Their understanding of the 7 habits is clearly evident in the reflection sheet.

It gives me immense fulfillment when I hear them  talking about Paradigms and shifts, being a responsible person, quoting death being the best teacher, following the quadrants, EBA, Circle of concern and Influence, forgiveness, small act of kindness, keeping commitments, think win-win, synergizing, 4 aspects of well-being and so on. We all know that learning these habits and putting them into action is still sometimes a challenge. However, there is always a hope. We are still learning and will continue to be  life-long learners.

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