Reflection on Life classes-7 Habits

The life class was more like living it. I know for a fact that if I had read the book 7 Habits, even though I would have gained all the knowledge, I am sure none of it would have actually transferred to my day to day life. The life class taught us to bring our understandings to life and for that, I am really grateful. As we learned each habit with examples and activities, they got infused in my day to day life as well. Without consciously thinking about it, I found myself working on the lines of these habits.

Normally as we grow older, personal growth just becomes a really low priority, and even though people make plans, very few of them come to fruition. Life class is this one opportunity where all you have to focus on is on you, and this has been a truly wonderful opportunity for growth. I have learned a lot and have applied some in my everyday life. It’s something that has been really helpful and has kept me more organized. Life class was a good platform to share and learn, I would like to believe it has helped me come at least a tiny bit out of my shell.

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