Whom do we blame and why?

Session by HOS and then some sharing from individuals, lot of paradigm shifts, lot of introspection…….today was filled with all sharing their results, actions and paradigms. When we listen to others, we surely learn and gather courage that yes, we are not the only one. We all have problems, fears, but how we deal with them is all about integrity. Overcoming own fear cannot be enough, as the journey is still on, but practice makes one perfect and when we get to deal with our fears, it surely make things easier. This is my take away form today’s session. Rather than blaming circumstances, people…forgiveness should be chosen and that indeed is for your good. Somewhere you fear to forgive too, may be for its after effects, but nai maaf kar ke ya baat daba ke rakhne se bhi kaha kuch milta hain?

I wrote a poem as a part of forgiveness letter and while drafting it, I felt that yes, I have moved much ahead of all such issues..rather chote issues now what I quote them as because that made me waste my energy and emotions in wrong direction. To conclude, Life journey is colorful and it is going to show a lot of phases, let us gather experiences out of each shade and phase. We tend to blame, somewhere we have to stop and make use of our situation as our victory weapon. We learn from such obstacles, may be we create memories, or move ahead carrying that as an experience.

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