Develop the habit of EATING THE FROG

Title of the book: Eat the Frog

Author: Brian Tracy

The genre of the book: Self-help

Key Characters of the book: Individual who is reading the book

The plot of the book: TIME MANAGEMENT! The entire book revolves around this idea. Full of actionable tips, Eat That Frog provides 21 techniques and strategies to stop procrastinating and get more done. Practice these principles every day until they become second nature to you. When these habits become a part of your personality, your future will be unlimited. Just do it! Eat that frog.

Your personal opinion about the book: One might feel that there are things repetitively mentioned but its worth giving a try. Obviously, he does that for a reason. Those principles are so simple, yet incredibly powerful when applied in our lives.

Have you read something like this before? Can you talk about that experience ?: Most of it I find similar to “7 habits of Highly Effective People” and the recent read “Who moved my cheese”.

Should people read this book ?: Anyone interested in becoming more productive or anyone struggling with procrastination or anyone who needs some motivation and a kick in the pants can read this book.

Key takeaways:

There is never enough time to do everything. But there is always enough time to do the most important things. Identify what are they?

Learn to deliberately put off low-value tasks so you have enough time to do the few things that really count

Three Steps to Mastery in Your Field – First, read in your field for at least one hour every day.  Second, take every course and seminar available on key skills that can help you. Third, listen to audio programs in your car or whatever means you are traveling or do a small chunk of work while traveling.

Blocking your time in chunks and putting it on the calendar. I can personally vouch for this.

The solution is to focus on one step at a time.

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