Integrity Reflection #3 [CD]

Today, was a much needed session. The amaaazing messages from every short film and the movie we watched is really intriguing. The messages were so thought provoking yet crisp, yet complex. And I guess that is what our lives are too. Simple but complex at the same time. The films actually portrayed realities of life. Not necessarily the same situations but same dilemma’s being faced by us in some or the other arena of life. Every film had a different message for us.

If I were to conclude, my understanding from all the things watched today, it would be that, our happiness is in our own hands, and that is one thing that can’t be certainly traded with anything else in our lived. And when we understand or accept that we are the true bearers of our own happiness then by default we have all the power to do so.

Thank you for such a delightful session.

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