Life is gonna be – So be it – Beat it

Facing your worst fear or even the smallest fear is not the aim that we try to achieve but equipping ourselves to face these challenges in life is what we are aiming together. Problems , difficulties and fear are all part of human life and inevitable part of everyone’s life. Todays session and the short movies and of course the QUEEN (movie) gives us a glimpse of real world queens. We each have the ability to face our fear and conquer them and for this the first step is identifying the deep hidden fears that affect our present and future. The RAP sheet helped me to analyze my inner most feeling and come out with solutions myself instead of others telling me what to do as no one knows my situation or problems better then me. So who else can be a better person to solve the problems or come up with solution other than me.

Thanks once again for this opportunity to reflect, realize and transform.

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