Integrity Reflection #2 [CD]

The Integrity sessions have been really intriguing and catchy. The sessions are so light and relatable that it becomes really easy for us to connect. The thought provoking movies and videos do help us to connect at an even more personal level. Guilty was one such movie that we were shown. It so wonderfully portrays us with the reality of how there is a biiiig problem with ‘Acceptance’. People are not ready to accept or face the reality and same is the case with us. We are so happy and comfortable being in a knit position where nothing can affect us that often we overlook the storm approaching or happening outside. But deep down that fear accumulates and overtakes your subconscious eventually, which is really really bad for the mental space.
I understood that ‘Acceptance’ of things, no matter how hurtful they many be, is really really important.  Integrity classes is really helping me understand my insecurities, and reveal it in a way or process or accepting it myself.

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