Since childhood locked my prime thought……….

Dear all,

I was not aware about my learning which I did in life and love class. That learning  showed me the solution of my problem . Since childhood I locked myself in wrong paradigm about my one of the family member and that prime thought hampered on my life till today. That negative thought was the root cause of my problems from which I suffered till yet. That thought was affecting on my professional life also. So now I set my new paradigm and new actions which I already started in my personal life. It is very difficult for me to work on that but I will do. I really want to say thank you to Suparna ma’am, Sanjana ma’am, Pankti ma’am , Bhargavi ma’am and Kruti ma’am along with the management  for opening my eyes. I hope people will able to understand my learning in short.Things are going nice in my life.



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