Don’t overthink! Think Critically…

So, after completing the compulsory classes -Life, Love and Integrity, I was wondering what to do next…And then Critical Thinking came to rescue. And hey, now I think I made the right choice!

These past 3 sessions have not only given me tons of food for thought but also enlightened me with so much of gyaan which I could have never gained otherwise. These classes actually make you ponder about every tiny mini thing in your life – the most mundane ones too like the brand of your shampoo or soap :D. Of course, sometimes you need to take it with a grain of salt also but it had helped me to stop Overthinking 24*7 (which is still my favorite thing to do!) and think Critically as well. Hoping for more gyaan-filled sessions this year…!

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  • I do agree with you Rashida! Sometimes, taking things with a grain of salt is really essential. Pondering over products, getting all the new ‘Gyaan’ has surely helped me evolve but, the over-thinking or biases, they just don’t leave you that easily!

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