To be or not to be – Fear or no fear – Judge or do not judge

My life a roller coaster ride and don’t I enjoy this thrill that life brings to me. Not for vow of marriage I say- I do. I say – I do, to the fun and enjoyment this ride brings to me, with many ups and downs sometimes throwing me off balance yet getting back on track. Here I am again like a toddler at the door of another experience with so many inhibition, fearful to enter (The Life Class). With skepticism I dared myself into this head on. Ready to take what was going to come to me. Must not forget like any toddler how fidgety , unpredictable and unruly I was. Trying to have a say in between any conversation, commenting on any random thing, crying my heart out while sharing my experience. So much in just the span of 2 days. Must be me who made it possible or the facilitators? HMM!  I wish I could take the credit but – honesty bhi to koi chiz hoti he.

INTEGRITY we call it.

So with complete INTEGRITY I admit that this year’s Life class – Integrity ETA – was more than what I anticipated. For complete 2 days we were spell bound and in awe about exploring our own self. Experience of self revelation, self awareness , letting go what cant be done, mended or changed. Freeing myself from the shackles of fear and vulnerability. Knowing and understanding – JO BAKA PAIN (Takleef) TO REVANIJ – and moving ahead with life.

I take this opportunity to thank Urvashi Mam and Percy Sir for this experience and keeping LIFE class so LIVELY.

Your guidance will surely help this PHOENIX to rise high.

Yasmin Shaikh

The wandering soul

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