Before attending the Integrity workshop, my definition of integrity was “Doing the right things even when nobody is watching” However after attending the workshop, I got to learn the new definition of integrity i.e You need to be true to yourself also and not just to others. It helped me in introspecting my fears, categorize into the 3 levels of fears and would definitely help me overcome the fears by the due workshop. The quote “I can handle it” which according to me means I can’t afford to stay afraid of my fears. I need to overcome them sooner or later, then why not now? The integrity class is a good blend of “7 Habits” and “Love Class” Judging others is one of the human behaviour, the behaviour of a person depends upon their beliefs, values, society they live in, upbringing, etc. So this behaviour cant be changed overnight. It takes years to change the basic mentality of a person. I would like to thank Fountainhead School for giving us the platform for personal development.


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