Show must go on….

Yes, that is my key take away from this year’s life class. Amazing facilitators, learned lot from their experiences. Getting to know more that how life is full of uncertainties through my teammates sharing. I still cannot believe how these 3 years have passed by. From 7 habits to, love classes to integrity. Leaving behind my fears and getting to know to love oneself, forgiving others and self is the best gift that I can give to my self.

My visit to orphanage made me realize the bitter side of life and how lucky I am. We crib on pity issues but looking at them and knowing about their life made each one of us cry there and value life. The same experience and some glimpses that we could capture of the visit I shared with my family and especially my kids and they were also moved and touched. Even my young kids Diyan – 5 years and Misha 9 years closely got to know how harsh life can be and they have started valuing each thing and specially relations in their life.

I could not have asked for better teammates. We all laughed together, cried together and had fun with chai and lemonade ki chuski together. It would not be wrong if I say this team is my 2nd family. We all each one of us are different colour but when put together we are a ‘RAINBOW’ and that is why our team rocks and proud to be a part of this team. Looking forward to share the same space with you all in coming years and if not then ‘Show must go on…’

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