This was my first time ever to see such an event happening in a school. Life Class was totally a new concept and platform to me. I never knew the journey in Life Class could so amazing and unique to feel and lead in life. I have experienced very positive emotions here and also upgraded intellectual abilities. I still remember about one activity we did. It was “Keep End In Your Mind” Activity which was related to your death bed, wherein we were insisted for Letter writing was highly effective in its own manner. We wrote Sorry Letter and Thank You Letter for people in our life respectively. I wrote Unspoken Words in the letters which was heartwarming.

We also had a Trip to Hazira – Dumas Beach with all team members which was joyful. In this activity I got an opportunity to know other team members very well thereby expanding my network and building new relations in F.S. We hosted games for everybody and all of the members enjoyed very much.

Talking about my Facilitator, well I must say the facilitator I got was very good, supportive and understanding. The role of a facilitator in Life Class is very acute and important in our carving ourselves.

Last but not the least, Life Classes is effective as I got near about solutions to my problems. It is a platform which one cannot afford to miss any moment of time.

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