Reflection on 7 Habits-Beta Life Class.

So what do I say about the life class experience which I had throughout the year with the best facilitators which I could ever ask for. I still remember the way I got comfortable with my life class group during the first ice breaking activity of the session only and how I managed to pour in my real life experiences in front of my group members without a second of doubt.

When I look back to the amazing journey I went through, I realize that all the sessions encouraged me to think critically about reviewing my life choices and my perspective. The 7 habits of highly effective people is helping me somewhere around the corner because the thing I was mostly struggling with was to put first things first and I could see a significant improvement in my quality of work in later part of the year when compared to term 1 of the academic year 2019-20.

The death activity, the letter writing activity, the beach activity, the potlucks, the laughs, the cries, the perspective sharing, the movie watching, the little things series,the dance breaks will always be the memories I will cherish forever. Thanks for the wonderful journey throughout.<3

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  • The entire journey with the life class has been amazing. I learned to interact with new people around me. It was a great experience. Varsha ma’am and Swati ma’am make us understand about all the 7 habits so effectively, and it really helped me to plan my professional life and personal life.I thanks our facilitator for this.
    I am very grateful to Fountainhead school for conducting such sessions where we get the opportunity to learn.

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