Integrity: A step to explore truth within self.

Life is all about learning from experiences and exploring our infinite options. Life gives us the opportunity to enhance our knowledge, grow, and make sure it is truly worth living. The integrity workshop this year really taught me to look deep within myself and reflect on who I am and want to be. Ultimately, we all want our choices to reflect our true self.

The most important lesson I have learned is to trust my instincts. The utmost satisfaction comes from knowing that I am the only one responsible for my own life. No one else can influence me or create my persona for me. Nor can they dictate what brings me happiness.

In fact, it is my job to define what constitutes my version of happiness. Life is best lived when we are truly happy ourselves. This is only possible after we overcome our fears.

It is easy to act fearless and mask our fears, but acknowledging them and being true to ourselves is the only way to confront, manage, and conquer the negative feelings they bring out in us. I am actively working to build a strong set of life skills that will help me confront my fears and allow me to live life to its full potential.

I want to thank my facilitators Bhargavi Ma’am, Kavita Ma’am, and contributors for an insightful and wonderful year. It’s been an honour!

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