Love Class – A wondeful Experience!


I would like to thank Ritu Chopra Ma’am and Bhumika Parmar ma’am to facilitate our group. It was easy for all of us to share things with ease as they made us feel comfortable.

Love class has brought a wonderful change in my life. It was a kind of eye opener for most of us. I enjoyed Parenting sessions a lot as could connect with it easily.

Some aha moments:-

1- You cannot love others if you don’t love yourself.

2- Love is to nurture your relationship.

3- It helps you grow.

4- You are not the owner of your child. He/She came through you, not for you.

5- Forgiveness brings peace.

I will surely implement these things in my life. It was indeed a memorable and fruitful journey!


Dimple Deshpande.

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