Love class – a phenomenal journey

” To love oneself is the beginning of life long romance ”

I am thankful to Ritu ma’am and Bhumika ma’am for letting me know the actual meaning of love.

A lesson learntpower and ability to forgive. Most important thing for all of us is peace of mind . We always feel unhappy while remembering the undesirable moments and are therefore unable to live in the present. Therefore, we must let go of such experiences

A learning implemented –  Writing the forgiveness letter.  Thoughts that used to affect me and my peace , when dropped down to the paper gave ultimate feeling of relaxation.

kuch is tarah se zindgai ko asaan kar liya , kisi se maafi li to kisi ko maaf kar liya.

It feels like I am free with all the negativity that was beholding the state of my mind.

A future implementationMeaning of love learnt will definitely be implemented in my near future , as it will surely help me to blossom my relations .

This was indeed a cherish-able year with so many beautiful learning! I would like to express my gratitude to my love class team for sharing the same joy.


– Khushboo Rathi

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