7 Habits workshop ! ! !

This year I am facilitating the 7 Habits workshop and this was done with a clear intention of revisiting the basics.

It was a nice to help participants who have a clean slate of mind and see the awe on their faces when the reality strikes them – paradigms, inside out approach, character, the first 3 habits in detail.

The death experience in habit 2 shook all the participants as it had shaken me too. The movie ‘Iqbal’ was seen with a different perspective (begin with the end in mind).

I feel happy that I am part of their journey of the group who have so far achieved ‘personal victory’ and will achieve the ‘public victory’ in the forthcoming days and could gauge from the group that all look eagerly for the next session.

It is even more heartening to see most of the people take a conscious effort to take the learning back to their life and make bold mission statements.

I too am learning new perspectives of life and rewrite many of my scripts. Overall – fulfilling ! ! !

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