Integrity classes: The Development of Thought Power…fearless…seamless

My learning….The best way to lose your fear is to develop trust and faith in yourself.

If we were to seriously and honestly take a look at how we think, act, behave and respond to life, we will soon realise that on a majority of occasions, our reactions and responses are coming from fear, rather than from love and joy. Thank you facilitators for making me realize this!

There is always a high level of confusion, distress, uneasiness and worry about the future. And it is from this fearful, unknowing background that we act. If we were certain about an outcome, we would obviously not have any anxiety or fear. But the nature of life is such that there are no sure-shot guarantees or warranties in life, only endless possibilities and probabilities. Thank you Fountainhead for the opportunity of Integrity classes which helped me understand ‘myself’ in  a better way!

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