Life class it was wonderful experience with amazing facilitators are Mayur Sir and Khushboo mam, sharing the life problem and happiness and getting the solution for it through 7 habits. It was my very first time i have attended such programme. It had helped me to manage the critical professional and personal life balance. I felt difficult to bare some topic, but however it was worth experience.


After attending life class i have few changes in me, it help me how to react and manage time. It even helped me to realize that I need to change in order to see change in my life. “Life is an amazing journey so use every moment wisely”.


I share my things to my closed ones and I am working on my problems. Life is full of ups and down it is up to you how you take it. Stay positive and enjoy every moment. Attending life class is to giving some extra time to my life to understand others as well as myself too.


I am very grateful to FS for conducting such sessions where we get opportunity to learn. Looking forward for other such sessions which will help me to discover myself and to see the world through different experiences.


Pooja koradia


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