Integrity to fight out Fear

From very first day, focus of facilitators at Integrity has been on fighting away our fear. To facilitate the same, through various sessions of the class we are being made powerful by subjecting us to various experiences and situations that allow us to gain power to fight our fear of different levels.

Showcasing the movie, ‘Queen’ for the participants of the class falls in one of this way to make us understand about the necessity to fight fear, and understand that when fear is once overcome it makes an individual feel so comfortable, powerful, strong and confident. The lead role in story was initially going through a suppressed feeling of rejection and felt dejected. The fear of rejection and dejection did not allow her immediately to deal with her current state of being back again single.

But, after listening to her grandmother, when she decides to move out of her home and travel as per her plan for honeymoon, she is able to re-discover herself with the exposure, the people she comes across  and experiences she gains during her travel. This allows her to be powerful to fight our her fear of dejection and once fought she is overwhelmed with the comfort and strength she gained. This power and confidence allowed her to make her choices rightly when the man, whom she once loved a lot tries to return back and force himself upon her.

So, the inference is, you fight out your fears and the most powerful, confident and happy person you can be……

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