Reflection of Queen movie

The movie was excellent. What I learned and understood after watching movie is fear is nothing but the reality which we are not able to accept. I am able connect last two session with the movie.You won’t realise what you are good at if you don’t explore new things. It is important for you to get out of your comfort zone and travel the world. Meeting different people and understanding their philosophy of life will help you to be more open in general. Your self respect is utmost importance. Find someone who respects you for who you are, not for what they can make you. Explore your passion for work, travel, love anything and everything. Don’t let your love life affect your other life choices. It is okay if things don’t work out in the first go. Life will give you other chances and they will only get better with time. Remember that every thing works out for the best. Life is a great teacher; it will teach you exactly what you are supposed to learn at a particular period of time. And if being with someone makes you sad, move on. There’s so many other things waiting for you.



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