Love all serve all….

Ahhh yes…Love Class, it’s hard to imagine that an educational institution actually provides this perk to it’s employees, but it is, what it is… it..?

Now the whole kick to this cog is…. it is a mixed batch with married folks, unmarried folks, young women and 2 older men…! ( you see the concoction here..?) plus the instruction is read word for word out of a book, probably published years ago in America, because most of the wisdom applies to them folks that side, who enjoy a bit more liberty then us here in our secular societies and rigid traditions of culture and  living…! OUR INDIA IS GREAT!

In my personal and most humblest opinion, one should be able to be mature and considerate, not to mention, be experienced and knowledgeable on the “L” word ( we tend to use it too loosely over here in our diaspora..!) I ain’t no expert, even though I have been accused of being one, but I ain’t no fool either….like Forrest Gump, I know what love is….!!

There is absolutely no doubt that the “L” class is beneficial in some form or another to all its patrons. The Secret lies in it’s application and understanding of ones true self!

I for one, have realized that one must express his or hers true feelings with courage and confidence without being chastised, only then will the “class” have an impact on the soul. Otherwise, you are just wasting your valuable Saturday and may as well watch paint dry on a wall or something…! It’s like an “AA” class in America, you have to confess your weaknesses and fear and then overcome it with courage and fortitude from within the class…..only thing is we not in America are we now…? So here we are… back to square one…!


Thanks for this initiative FS! ( Looking forward to being an impact experienced result oriented instructor, sooner then later…!!)




“True Love”

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