Fear is feeling

Most amazing things those I recalled during the class was the sad and happy moments of my life!!! Unpredictable that was for me as describing about my self during both moment was so difficult even so interesting those your emotions and feeling are attached with those moments, even the impact of moments on our daily life may be it should be our turning point no one can fix that thing!! Along with this our emotions are attached with people ourselves and with our close one’s how they attached even reflecting in feelings!!! Main thing that I understood having emotions and feelings are good thing but if those emotions overcome our mind than it’s difficult for us !!! I like the movie that we watched which is my sister’s keeper !! In that a mom who has fear of death of her elder daughter who has cancer to save her life she born and brought up another child how knowingly but unintentionally she is giving pain of surgery to her younger daughter!!! Nothing is Left so many things are ahead to do!! Time do its work!! It will keep going n going you can’t hold it, you can’t catch it. Memories are things which we have in our mind to helps either to grow or do nothing!!! so if you want to keep those feelings with fear nothing will help you!!!

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