Integrity is a universal trait that does influence the principles and values one carries. Just like previous 2 batches, I did receive feedback (or rather I should say negative impression) that Integrity is the most boring workshop but I have a different opinion. I spoke about my failure and shared my concern and now I am determined to address my concern. I don’t have a clue how and what I am going to do and thus I am looking forward to attending¬†more sessions.

I learnt about different kind of fears – levels and I too acknowledged mine. Like the film that was shown to us – Sister’s keeper -I could relate to this movie to a great extent and probably the other participants as well…and there were many takeaways from the movie but the most I liked was the end dialogue – which I interpreted as that sometimes we don’t¬†know why we have to face sadness or failure or why we are hurt but its completely OK if we are not able to find answers to such questions…life goes on…time heals all wounds…we change…transform…become better and stronger!!

Hearing to my co-participants stories/concerns/fears/failures gave me an unspoken strength…we in our most sad moment ask ‘why me’…but when we hear others sharing similar stories you feel that I am not alone…

I hope we keep sharing and inspire each other to fight hard till we overcome our fears and concerns.

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