In past life classes it was all about sharing with each other about the life experiences but this was different in a way that there was complete listening to the speaker. Before attending the classes I thought it would be traditional method in which the speaker will give lecture on all adhyayas of geeta but it was completely different experience. All his sessions were delivered in a logical way. He shared many real life experiences  how he moved from US to India. Chanting of different shlokas was done in sanskrit. By the end of most of the sessions we had meditation session which gave happiness and peace.


Prashada of gita classes:

  • I should choose dharma rather than going with raaga devasha.
  • We should not give any nourishment to our raaga devasha.
  • Teaching the value of following the values.
  • Life is series of small situations where one can raise his/her self esteem by selecting the dharma.
  • Decoupling of happiness should be done from the situation you are connected to in order select the dharma.
  • Following the karma yoga and taking the results as prashda from the altar of God.
  • Dream is the manifestation of your knowledge.
  • Your attitude towards any situation will act as a  shock absorber.
  • You don’t have control over the result but you can definitely have a choice to select your action.
  • You are only trustee of your children.Parents should only tell their children what they feel is right for them they should not force their decisions on them.
  • An unfavourable situation is result of your paapa(bad karma) and a favourable situation is result of your punya(good karma).
  • Paapa will be accumulated in your account by bad deeds and punaya by good deeds.
  • Your whole life is based on the choices you make.
  • One can raise the self esteem by doing what to be done and not getting influenced by the situations.
  • If I will give pain to someone that will come back to me ,likewise happiness will come to me if I give happiness to others.
  • Material and maker are one and the same which means the whole world  is made up of God.
  • We should accept and acknowledge our limitations.
  • The focus of your life should be on the big goal and not on the small things.



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